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Mugwump - Peter Suart on Books, Illustration and Memory was an author dialogue session on literature and independent curiosity at Hong Kong Book Fair 2014, followed by a series of community programmes showcasing his works in a diverse range of art forms to the Hong Kong public and creative community. Peter Suart is an UK artist and author. He works as an illustrator, a writer, a musician, a theatrical performer, and a speaker. The content of his work draws on many fields of enquiry: history, science, religion, human story. This programme was co-organised by British Council and STORY.


Links to details on author talks:

Buried Treasure in Children's Literature - A Dialogue with Peter Suart / Hong Kong Book Fair, Wanchai
Rosebud: Memory and Visual Language in a Hong Kong Childhood / PMQ, Central
The Book Beautiful - Peter Suart's Work for The Folio Society / Comix Home Base, Wanchai

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