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what we do?

STORY is a multi-disciplinary creative resource focusing on intangible cultural preservation projects. 


We aim to capture and remap Hong Kong and Asian creative stories and related expressive cultures through words, images, and sound, deploying various media – including, but not limited to books, exhibitions, video documentation, and electronic archive -- with the objectives of creating idea exchange and experience sharing platform for the new generation and the growing senior population.  The creative resource would serve as a catalyst for healthy creative and literary arts development in Hong Kong, instilling positivity in our lives, encouraging sustenance, appreciation of and facilitating participation in experiences of creative narratives through an active knowledge transfer and mentoring spirit with seasoned creative practitioners.  


STORY would also serve as a platform to promote creative legacy through overseas cultural exchanges. 


MCCM Creations will remain a publishing support to STORY, and will continue to develop readership through cross-disciplinary and bilingual publishing, documenting tangible and intangible cultural preservation in the book genres of visual culture, poetry, children’s literature for adults and children alike.


In broad, our project scope include:

1)  Creative Narratives - through visual culture book publishing and book art

2)  Research & Active Archive - research project consultation on specific industries through STORY outposts

3)  Education & Creativity - through book art, book exhibitions and workshops

4)  Overseas cultural exchanges - through collaborations with local culture councils and overseas organisations




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