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mission and vision

We believe a creative legacy – well-researched and well-documented – is nutrition for the present and coming generations.  


We believe that if creative energies are synergized, they create more possibilities and instill positivity in our city and in our lives.  


We believe creative ventures are skillful engagement of knowledge and curiosity in arts and culture, design, architecture, literature, management and skills. 


We believe experiences in creativity should be shared and promoted among different communities and different industry sectors, and not limited to creative sectors.


We believe, in a city of hybridity (east-west / tradition & contemporary / languages & dialects) and a multi-cultural society like Hong Kong, a creative narrative approach to revisit the creative legacy would stimulate imagination, restore inspiration, and transform traditions into contemporary expressions. This would nurture people's appreciation and awareness of the relationships between cultures and humanity, broaden their interest in different cultures and lesser-known cultures, hence, contributing to the harmony, intellectual and aesthetic development of a society.




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